Anglo American Exploration Finland, AA Sakatti Mining Oy


Anglo American Exploration Finland undertakes exploration in the Sodankylä and Kittilä municipalities in  Lapland. In these areas the company is exploring for nickel, copper and metals in the platinum group. AA Sakatti Mining Oy, the company operating in Finland, is a subsidiary of Anglo American Plc.  Anglo American Plc is registered in London. The company has mining operations in other countries.
Company’s corporate responsibility report


Toiminta-alue: Sodankylä, Kittilä

Yhteystiedot vastuullisuusasioissa:

Joanna Kuntonen-van’t Riet
+358 (0)40 865 0090

The company figures in 2015

  • Tuotantomäärä: No production
  • Kokonaislouhinta: No production
  • Raportoidut malmivarat: -
  • Raportoidut mineraalivarannot: -
  • Toiminnan aloitusvuosi: 2004 (in Finland)
  • Kaivoksen arvioitu jäljellä oleva elinikä: -
  • Kaivosalueen pinta-ala: -
  • Malminetsintäalueen pinta-ala: 37,806 hectares
  • Omien työntekijöiden määrä: Maximum number of own employees is 26
  • Työntekijöiden pääasialliset asuinkunnat: Sodankylä
  • Vakituisten urakoitsijoiden määrä: While the company has no permanent contractors, it employs them depending on the drilling season and need
  • Käyttökate EBITDA: -
  • Maksettu yhteisövero: -

About exploration

Anglo American Exploration Finland has carried out exploration in Finland since 2004. In 2015, the area of the company’s valid claims and exploration permits amounted to approximately 59,911ha. The majority of the permit areas are located north of the Sodankylä municipality centre, withinthree reindeer cooperatives (Oraniemi, Sattasniemi and Syväjärvi). Five permit areas were subject to appeal.. Four of the claim decisions subject to appeal are not located in protected areas. Exploration in the exploration area is focused on nickel, copper and metals in the platinum group  (Ni-Cu- PGE). Exploration activities undertaken include deep drilling, geological hammer and soil sampling, geophysical and aerogeophysical measurements, and the sampling of glacial till. During 2015 a total of 9.8km of bedrock diamond drilling was carried out.


Yrityksen ympäristökäytannöt:
 Year 2015 Exists Does not exist
Location in a protected area*  X  
Environmental management system**  X  
An environmental impact assessment required (in accordance with the EIA Act)    X
Measurements of dust    X
Measurements of noise  X  
Measurements of vibration    X
Environmental risk assessment completed  X  
Deviations from the environmental permit (2015    X
Environmental closure fund exists    X
* Protected areas account for a total of 6,076ha, including Viiankiaapa part of the Natura protection programme (5,793ha, of which mire protection areas comprise 5,405ha); areas outside the Natura programme (69ha), and protection areas in private possession (213ha). The permit covering an area of Ilmakkiaapa, KaivNro 8871 Matasoja, has been cancelled; the expiry decision is dated 22 January 2016. Permit applications for Ilmakkiaapa and Koitelainen were cancelled on 22 September 2015. **Certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard

Keskeiset tunnusluvut:


  • Fuel consumption: 76.4m3  (engine fuel oil 49m3, diesel 19.5m3, petrol 7.9m3, of which non-renewable fuels account for 100%)
  • Other energy consumption (electricity and heat): 0.41GWh (the proportion of renewable and non-renewable energy sources remains unknown)
  • Water consumption: 11,300 million m3 (of which natural raw water accounts for 92%)
  • Use of chemicals dangerous to the environment: 0kg
  • Species valuable from the point of view of protection, found in the operational area and in its neighbouring environment
    • moss and vascular plant species, 24 pcs
    • breeding bird species number 45 pcs, in addition to which the number of species which use the area as feeding grounds or as a resting area during migration amount to 7.
    • beetles, 1 species
    • butterflies, 7 species
    • fungus gnats, 1 species

The company has installed three nests for white-tailed eagles and nine for hawk owls outside the impact area of the company’s operations.

Personnel and safety

Yrityksen henkilöstökäytännöt:
 Year 2015 Exists Does not exist
Employee grievance and feedback mechanism*  X  
Personnel performance and development management programme covering the entire personnel  X  
Personnel training plan  X  
Equality plan    X
Personnel representation in company management  X  
Occupational health and safety management system**         X  
All personnel working in the area are in possession of an occupational health and safety card  X
* A group wide system, known as Speak Up, is in place ** Certified in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard, and is also applied to contractors

Keskeiset tunnusluvut vuonna:


  • Average number of training days per year: –
  • Absence due to sickness: –
  • Lost-time injury frequency rate: 0 accidents per 1,000,000 working hours (accidents leading to a loss of more than one shift)
  • Working time systems currently in use: 8-hour and 12-hour working time systems

Impact on the use of the neighbouring areas and the sources of livelihood

Vaikutukset paikallisiin elinkeinoihin: Mining and exploration operations are carried out in the Sattasniemi, Syväjärvi and Oraniemi reindeer cooperative areas. Possible impacts to reindeer husbandry has been compensated, among other things, by the company through lending workers to reindeer husbandry work and providing financial compensation for lost working time. For the Oraniemi reindeer cooperative, located in the central operational area, five reindeer GPS collars have been purchased in order to follow their movements. The municipality, the inhabitants of neighbouring areas, land owners, environmental organisations, reindeer cooperatives and the fishing associations are taken into consideration in the company’s stakeholder engagement.

Vaikutukset lähialueen virkistyskäyttöön:

No impact on recreational use.

Vaikutukset maisema-arvoon:

According to the assessment of the company itself, its activities have a negligible impact on the landscape value of the neighbouring areas. The impacts mostly comprise of red marker stakes used for marking drill holes, which people walking in the terrain may find. Landscape values have not been taken into account in the operations of the company.

Interaction with stakeholders


  • The company acts in accordance with the stakeholder management programme and observes the “Social Way” standard of the parent company
  • Open-door day once a year
  • The Sakatti steering group twice a year at minimum
  • Village information meetings at the beginning of each field season
  • A general information meeting for local inhabitants twice a year at minimum
  • An update meeting with the municipality once per quarter
  • A planning meeting with reindeer cooperatives before the field season begins
  • From the perspective of the company, collaboration with the reindeer cooperatives has been good. The Sattasniemi Reindeer Owners’ Association reports that interaction has been good. The Oraniemi Reindeer cooperative reports that interaction has been fairly  good.
  • As required, separate meetings with members of parliament, civic organisations and authorities are held
  • The company supports local education, youth work, sport/recreation activities, and environmental and cultural activities
  • A channel is available for stakeholders to submit feedback, and practices are in place for processing it

Tutkimus- ja yhteistyöhankkeet:

  • Network for Sustainable Mining
  • Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) projects SAM (Sustainable Acceptable Mining)
  • The ULTRALIM project (ultra low-impact sampling method for protected areas)
  • Novel technologies for greenfield exploration
  • Closedure (a research project for mine closure)