Mawson Oy


Mawson Oy conducts exploration in the areas of Ylitornio and Rovaniemi in Lapland. The company is owned by Canadian Mawson Resources Ltd. In its exploration areas in Finland, Mawson Oy searches for gold.


Toiminta-alue: Ylitornio and Rovaniemi

Yhteystiedot vastuullisuusasioissa:

Noora Ahola
+358 (0)50 521 3515

The company in figures in 2015

  • Toiminnan aloitusvuosi: 2007 (under the current name since 2011)
  • Malminetsintäalueen pinta-ala: 22,701 hectares
  • Omien työntekijöiden määrä: 5
  • Työntekijöiden pääasialliset asuinkunnat: Rovaniemi

About exploration

The company has valid claims and exploration permits amounting to approximately 20,000 hectares (numbering 14). Some permits are in the processing stage or their extension is being processed. Mawson Oy conducts or plans for exploration in the following permit areas: Rumavuoma, Kairamaat 2-3 and 1, Kultamaat, Raja, Hirvimaa, Karsimaat, Petäjävaara, Kuusivaara, Kaitajärvi and Petäjäskoski. The other granted permit areas total approximately 100,000 hectares. Pending exploration and reservation permit applications include the areas of Metsäkylä (exploration), Vähäjoki, Jolhikko and Palolampi, totalling around 29,000 hectares. In exploration and research, Mawson Oy makes use of geophysical measurements, geological sampling of the soil and obtaining samples using a prospectors’ hammer, drilling carried out using a portable drilling rig, and bedrock mapping. Deep-hole diamond drilling using large drilling rigs has not been carried out during the past few years. Permits subject to appeal in the exploration areas total only one. This appeal is largely related to the permit of the Kairamaat 2-3 area, located in a Natura protection programme area.


Yrityksen ympäristökäytannöt:
  • Location in a nature reserve*: yes
  • Environmental management system: no
  • An environmental impact assessment required (in accordance with the EIA Act): no
  • Measurements of dust: no
  • Measurements of noise: yes
  • Measurements of vibration: no
  • Environmental impact assessment completed: no
  • Deviations from the environmental permit (2014): no
  • Landscape values have been taken into account in operations: yes
  • Environmental collateral exists: yes
* A Natura protection programme area; a Natura assessment has been carried out.   

Keskeiset tunnusluvut:

  • Fuel consumption: –
  • Other energy consumption: –
  • Water consumption: All water required by drilling is taken out of natural water, cleaned from ??drilling sludge and then returned back to the watercourse. The water used in drilling is at no stage in contact with chemicals; it is only used for cooling and for reducing friction created by drilling. Water quality is monitored.
  • Usage of chemicals dangerous to the environment: –
  • The company also produces a Natura assessment when a Natura area is located in the vicinity of an area where the company has operations.

Personnel and safety

Yrityksen henkilöstökäytännöt:
  • Employee initiative programme: no
  • Goal and development dialogue programme covering the entire personnel: no
  • Personnel training plan: yes
  • Equality plan*: –
  • Personnel representation in company management: yes
  • Occupational and safety management system**: yes
  • All personnel working in the area are in possession of an occupational health card: no
* Unknown (the number of employees is only five (inapplicable to a small organisation) **Uncertified 

Keskeiset tunnusluvut vuonna:


  • Average number of training days per year: 5 days/employee
  • Absence due to sickness (excluding contractors): 2%
  • Lost-time injury frequency rate: 0 accidents per 1,000,000 working hours (accidents leading to a loss of more than one shift)
  • Working time systems currently in use: 12-hour working time system; flexitime system, working day system (Mon to Fri)

Impact on the use of the neighbouring areas and the sources of livelihood

Vaikutukset paikallisiin elinkeinoihin: Exploration is carried out in the reindeer management area. According to both the company and the reindeer owners’ association, collaboration between exploration and reindeer management has been positive. Those who earn their livelihood from rural activities and landowners, among others, are taken into consideration in collaboration with the stakeholders.

Vaikutukset lähialueen virkistyskäyttöön:

The company’s activities have not impacted negatively on the recreational of use of the neighbouring areas. Following the company’s activities, the condition of the roads leading to the area has been improved and the environment has been cleaned up.

Vaikutukset maisema-arvoon:

The impact of the company activities on landscape values has been reviewed in the Natura assessment.

Interaction with stakeholders


  • The social impact is monitored by, among other things, keeping in regular contact with the stakeholders
  • The company participates in the events with relevance to the stakeholders and by organising such events itself
  • A channel exists for stakeholders via which they can submit feedback
  • The company supports, among other things, local education, youth work and environmental activities
  • Mawson seeks to be easily accessible to its stakeholders and to participate in normal interaction
  • Interaction with the stakeholders has been positive and, in most cases, very free-form in nature, with the parties finding it easy to approach each other and to discuss issues of concern. The Palojärivi Reindeer Owners’ Association reports that interaction has been neutral.
  • The company is actively engaged in collaboration with its stakeholders in order to maintain an open and positive relationship with the various groups and to have an opportunity for involvement in constructive discussion on issues concerning all parties

Tutkimus- ja yhteistyöhankkeet:

Events and training arranged by the stakeholders

  • Company staff participates in projects by, among other things, giving lectures at project and training events arranged by environmental authorities and local communities, etc.
  • Mawson arranges visits at sites in the field in order to contribute to the public’s increased knowledge on exploration
  • Research projects with, for example, universities and research institutes. Currently, a number of research projects are in progress, including one focusing on orchids and conducted in collaboration with two universities and the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE). This project makes use of the geological data gathered by the company in order to predict the locations of orchid habitats and to provide opportunities for their modelling.